Changes to Airbnb Booking Lead Time

After some review we’ve discovered that Airbnb calculates booking lead time differently than Lodgix and other companies.

Airbnb calculates backwards from 11:59 PM on the day the guest intends to check in, in the timezone of the listing. For example, if you set the Booking Lead Time to 3 hours, a guest can make a reservation for same day arrival until 9 PM. Supported values are 0-24, 48, 72, and 168.

We encourage you to review the Booking Lead Time setting for Airbnb which can be found here:

If your check-in time is 3pm, and you wish to not receive any last minute bookings after noon on the day of arrival, then your booking lead time would need to be set to 12 hours.

Lodgix and other channels calculate booking lead time from whatever check-in time is set for the property, whereas Airbnb calculates booking lead time from 11:59pm.



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