Dashboard and Reporting Enhancements

A subscriber brought it to our attention that when a guest orders a service add-on that there really wasn’t a great, automated way of staying up-to-date on what each guest has ordered. To fix that we implemented a series of enhancements today:


1) There is a new services icon which will appear in each of the arrival widgets. Moving your mouse over the service will display the service(s) ordered. This is a nice check for whomever is checking guests in, but it doesn’t really solve how to alert the housekeeper that a service has been ordered. To that extend the arrivals and housekeeping report will now have a Services column which will itemize each service that has been added to the invoice for that property.

2) While working in the dashboard we re-implemented the color coding to show invoice status on the arrival and departure widgets. We also implemented the equivalent of a “show all” icon (look for the seeing eye) in the upper right, which when clicked will show all arrivals or departures.

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