Email Deliverability

Lodgix requires specific permission to “send emails on your behalf”.  This requires the Lodgix subscriber to configure their SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records for their domain and make a change within the important settings area of Lodgix.  Once complete, Lodgix can send emails on your behalf and emails delivered from Lodgix to your guests will appears as though they were sent from your domain.

If you do not have SPF records configured for your domain, then Lodgix historically has sent all guest emails from “” with the reply-to address sent to the primary contact defined within Lodgix.

Recently many email service providers made some changes which resulted in some emails from being marked as spam.  We’ve done some research and apparently, noreply@ addresses add points to the spam filter algorithms that many email service providers use to determine if an email is considered spam or not.  Thus each email is assigned a score which varies according to how the email is being scored.  In some instances the additional points assigned as a result of “noreply@” email address was enough for the email not to be delivered.

As a result we changed the address to, and now email is being delivered as normal.

Setting up your SPF Records

I can’t encourage you enough to find a local computer guru and setup your SPF records.  This action assures that the highest level of email deliverability and it presents your brand in a consistent manner for all guest communications.

For those of your that have a or some other email service provider address as your primary contact address and not an address like “”, you will have to work with your developer / computer guru to:

  1. define a new email address for your domain.
  2. setup the spf records for that domain to allow Lodgix to send emails on your behalf.
  3. Enable send emails on your behalf with settings > important settings
  4. Configure Gmail or your alternative inbox to fetch mail from your new email account, so you aren’t having to manually check two separate inboxes, etc.

All pretty simple stuff for someone who knows what they are doing.

More instructions can be found here:


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