EnchantedYosemite.com Has Launched!

Yosemite’s Enchanted Forest is located in the Yosemite National Park. For those of you who have never visited Yosemite, I suggest you change that immediately! Yosemite is amazing. I’ve been there twice myself. For this project we were tasked with designing a logo and a website that would the jaw dropping beauty of the place.

After several designs were nixed we came up with a bright, vibrant color scheme and sourced some amazing images from local photographers. The site is search engine friendly and the client is busy building back links and adding content to boost their organic search engine rankings. I am going to help them out by linking to their site here and featuring a nice screenshot of the site. Please visit EnchantedYosemite.com for all of your Yosemite Lodging needs!

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