Guest Credits and Much More!

Guest Credits

On Monday, June 29th, 2020, we will launch a new system for the issuance, tracking and redemption of a guest credit.  Unlike a coupon code, a guest credit is issued only in lieu of issuing a refund for a canceled reservation.

A guest credit can be redeemed by the guest online or manually by the property manager.

Guest credits were created in response to the large numbers of cancellations that occurred as a result of COVID.   When used with a properly structured cancellation policy, guest credits can preserve cash flow and reservations by giving the guest the opportunity to rebook in the future in lieu of issuing a refund.

Documentation can be found here:

Calendar Tape and Booking Calendar – Support for Finger Scroll

All tests seem to indicate we should be able to bring back finger / drag’n’drop scroll.  For mobile and touch screen devices having an ability to finger scroll through availability, would be amazing!  If successful, we will also be doing some design tweaks to really improve the mobile experience and allowing drag and drop scrolling as was possible in the old calendar tape.  Fingers crossed!  We will know in early July if we can make this happen for you or not.

Property Management User Interfaces Relaunched

Try ’em out on mobile, huge improvement!

Plugin 2.0

We are in the active testing phase!  However I think this project will be delayed until August due to some developer vacations and some additional enhancements / performance issues that need to be resolved.

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