Inquiry Management – Automated No Response Followup

Located within Lodgix under Inquiries > Configuration Options (disabled by default)


This setting pertains to web inquiries ONLY, phone inquiries are exempt. Some property managers wonder why many times when they respond to an inquiry they never hear back. Maybe the guest never got the response, maybe they accidentally deleted the response from their inbox or more likely than not the guest had already found another property or had found a more appealing property elsewhere.

When turned on, the no response follow-up feature will send out a custom follow-up email X number of days after your (or the system’s) initial response to the inquiry. This follow-up will ONLY apply if the guest has never responded to the inquiry and it only applies to email inquiries NOT PHONE INQUIRIES.

We have developed a manual ability within the communication stream to turn off the no followup response in the event that the guest responds to the inquiry over the phone, as opposed to email and you don’t want the no response follow-up email to go out.



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