Inquiry Management – [autosuggest] Merge Tag Update

Previously, Lodgix deployed a simple algorithm to determine which properties to [autosuggest] for inquiries on properties that are not available.  [autosuggest] is a merge tag that can be used in automated responses to suggest other similar properties that ARE available for the same dates in the original inquiry.

For must property managers the Lodgix alogorithm works just fine.  However for some property managers who have properties in multiple cities,  the Lodgix algorithm isn’t smart enough to not [autosuggest] for example a 2 bedroom in Fort Myers when the original inquiry was for a 2 bedroom in Tampa.  Thus the [autosuggest] feature might suggest properties that the guest would have no interest in renting.

Another situation would be when a property manager wants to rent certain properties before other properties.  The Lodgix algorithm doesn’t allow the property manger to order which properties are [autosuggested], it simply spits out the properties.  This also causes some consternation amongst some property managers.

To fix that we now allow Lodgix customers to “associate” properties to [autosuggest] manually.

Here is the interface located under inquiries > configuration options



Note the properties you associate as an [autosuggest] are in order of importance. If the property doesn’t have any [autosuggest] associations, the merge tag will work as usual, using the current automated auto-suggest algorithm

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