New Dashboard Has Launched!

Things to know about the new dashboard:

  1. The widgets can be configured, resized and even deleted.
  2. Clicking on a graph will produce a table of the data that comprises the graph.
  3. Look for the 3 dot icons.  Clicking on those brings up more options.
  4. The cancellations widget will show only cancellations that come in from channels that allow guest cancellations.

Watch the video below to learn more about the features above, and learn more about forthcoming tweaks to make the dashboard even better!

Explore some of the new widgets under the Productivity tab:

  1. To Do Widget
  2. Notes Widget
  3. Weather Widget (need to configure to your own city)

Forthcoming improvements:

  1. Filtering Airbnb invoices from the reservations widget (optional).
  2. Improved data display to fit more table data in smaller spaces.
  3. Ability to configure a view where the graph is not used, instead the view would go directly to a table.

We are noting user feedback and will make many tweaks, changes and adjustments in the coming days!  Thanks for your patience!

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