New Trigger Interface and Functionality – Coding Underway

The triggers interface on Lodgix is old, like maybe 10 years old.   It is one of the oldest interfaces on Lodgix and is long overdue for a complete recode.  After spending many weeks discussing and reviewing various formats and designs, we settled on a new interface that will also bring with it, many new options.

Take a look:

The new interface will accomplish many objectives:

  1. It will be mobile friendly
  2. It will be MUCH quicker for larger accounts
  3.  It will allow for scheduling triggers to all current guests based upon a day of the week
  4. It will allow for scheduling triggers to generate and email reports to staff members
  5. The trigger conditions will be easy to understand by separating active versus passive triggers
Looking forward to completing and launching this super important update in late fall 2022!
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