New VRBO 1/2% Fee Effective Nov 1, 2021

For many years VRBO has paid Lodgix to maintain development staff to keep the VRBO integration functional.   VRBO has  recently decided to discontinue those payments to cut costs.

As a result we now have to recoup those costs from you (just as we do for Airbnb) by implementing a 1/2% fee on all NEW VRBO reservations originating on or after November 1, 2021.

Most property managers simply pass this fee on to the guest using a rate multiplier which can be setup within the VRBO integration page here:

Here is a screenshot of the rate multiplier field:

Setting the rate multiplier field to 1.01, will pass rates through to VRBO which are 1% higher than the rates you have setup in Lodgix.  This will assure that the 1/2% we will be collecting from you each month is adequately passed through to the guest.

We apologize to you for the pricing change.  We are a small team, working hard to keep pace with technology change,  inflation, additional government reporting requirements, rapidly escalating developer salaries and corporate partners who are increasingly greedy and opportunistic.   It’s not easy.  We hope you understand.

Thanks for being a Lodgix customer, we appreciate your business and all the challenges you all have faced in the past 24 months.  Keep at it.


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