New VRBO 1/2% Fee Effective Nov 1, 2021

Due to recent VRBO cost cutting initiatives, we are implementing a 1/2% fee on all NEW VRBO reservations originating on or after November 1, 2021.

Most property managers simply pass this fee on to the guest using a rate multiplier which can be setup within the VRBO integration page here:

Here is a screenshot of the rate multiplier field:

Setting the rate multiplier field to 1.01, will pass rates through to VRBO which are 1% higher than the rates you have setup in Lodgix.  This will assure that the 1/2% we will be collecting from you each month is adequately passed through to the guest.

We apologize to you for the pricing change.  We are a small team, working hard to keep pace with technology change,  inflation, additional government reporting requirements, rapidly escalating developer salaries.   It’s not easy.  We hope you understand.

Thanks for being a Lodgix customer, we appreciate your business and all the challenges you all have faced in the past 24 months.  Keep at it.


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