System Updates

New Triggers Interface Fully Launched

As noted in our post from February, the new triggers interface is live!  We will continue to improve some of the styling and data display, as well as fix any reported bugs.

Let us know what you think!


Automated Credit Card Processing

We’ve been working on it for awhile now.  With any luck this should roll out in early May.  While it might seem a relatively simple feature, there are quite a few alerting and reporting items that need to be implemented to assure that delined charges are brought to your attention.



Guest Verify Module Launching April 17, 2023

While this is a pay-per-use feature, for those that need to tighten up their guest security, this module has it all!

  • Photo ID upload / storage
  • Photo ID scanning
  • Verification tracking
  • Verification reporting

Learn more by reading through our support documentation:

guest verify menu

Lodgix Admin / Housekeeping App Updates

The Lodgix Admin App is new and has launched on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.  While the functionality is limited, it’s a great start and much more is on the way!


Learn more about the capabilities of the Lodgix Admin and Housekeeping functionality here:


Unified Inbox Planning Has Started

This is exciting!!  The inquiry system is getting replaced.  It is the last remaining vestige of the original Lodgix platform.  The inquiry system is old.   Times and technologies have changed and so it must be with Lodgix!

What does a Unified Inbx mean exactly?  How about a central inbox where ALL guest communication can be tracked, assigned, archived and threaded.  What does that mean exactly?

  • Trigger emails will be routed this interface, so a guest can respond to the trigger email and have that communication thread be completely live and viewable in Lodgix.
  • How about chatting with a guest while the guest is using our planned new guest app?
  • How about using the Lodgix admin app (with unified inbox) to chat with the guest on the go?
  • How about a complete integration with Airbnb and vrbo messaging for semi-real time chatting?
  • How chatting with your website visitors?
  • How about chatting with your Facebook visitors or responding to social media inquiries?
  • How about 2-way SMS?
  • How about rules for assigning conversations to other team members?
  • How about conversation reporting and analytics?
  • and how about all this working on dektop or mobile?

This is going to be some cool stuff.  Major updates in the coming weeks as we start rolling out prototypes.

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