has launched!

Actually this site launched awhile back, but it’s a great looking site and the owners really take care of their guests and rentals. Make sure to tell Lois & Larry at TopHillCabins that you like their website next time you are looking for a vacation rental in the Cook Forest State Park in Pennsylvania!

This site gave us a bit of trouble mostly because the Cook Forest is just that – a forest. Thus most of the imagery tends to be a little dark and brown. If you look at most vacation rental websites for properties in the Cook Forest, they are dark and less than inviting. We really wanted to change that and highlight the many rivers, streams, hiking trails, fall colors, etc. that dominate the Cook Forest State Park landscape.

The Cook Forest has a soul, like all environments do, and so we worked hard to really bring it to the surface! For all of our web design projects, we want the website visitor to experience the true essence of the area through imagery. We’ve done that with!

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