Rental Expense Tracking Has Launched!

Slowly but surely we are putting the pieces in place for a comprehensive financial reporting and owner statement system. Rental expense tracking with pass thru to the owner statement (if using the property management module) is a good step in the right direction!

Ultimately we will connect the guest invoice to the property management module, but until that time this enhancement will make life a little easier for all property managers that need a way to have one-time expenses flow through to the owner statement.

We also launched a pretty slick Vendor Management component today, more on that in the next post! Happy Holidays!

Rental expenses are primarily intended to pass through to the owner statement. Unlike work orders, which are items that typically need fixing or replacing, rental expenses could be items like monthly utilities, one-time cleaning fees, etc. Any expense which you want to pass through to the property owner and have it appear on the owner statement.

Properties > Rental Expenses


Expense Listing with Filters

  1. Filter
  2. Property
  3. Description
  4. Amount
  5. Add New Expense Button

Add New Expense Interface


If you want this expense to pass through to the owner statement, you must choose the property owner from the drop down. The expense will then be allocated to the expense account of your choosing for the property owner and flow through to the owner statement.

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