Work Orders Have Launched!

Work orders are typically used primarily by vacation rental property managers to manage and track maintenance tasks across large numbers of properties. Additionally, the expense of those tasks is many times passed on to the property owner via the monthly owner statement. Lodgix has an entire subsystem that allows work orders to be created, edited, updated and ultimately closed. The property manager can allocate the expense and assign it to a property owner where the work order expense will be itemized and place on the owner statement.



The work orders menu item is place conveniently on the primary menu, next to the Calendar Tape. From this menu, there are submenus for viewing and creating work orders, as well as a vendor contact manager and some configuration options for the subsystem.

Work Order Notifications Icon


This icon alerts an employee when a work order has been assigned to them.

Work Order Creation


Tabbed interface to easily create, assign and track materials / expenses comprising the work order.

Work Order Expense Allocation and Alerting

  1. Expense account assigned to the work order (unique to the property owner or subscriber).
  2. List of active employees that can be assigned the work order.
  3. Option to email the work order detail to the employee once saved.

Work Order Materials and Expense Itemization


Small embedded spreadsheet where materials and expenses can be tracked associated with the work order.

  1. + icon will create a new row
  2. save icon will save the row

Work Order Tracking


Sorted by priority showing the property, who reported the issue, description of the issue and who it’s assigned to, as well as date reported, start date and date completed.

Owner Statement Reporting


This applies only to those who have added the property management module to their account.

A new area of the owner statement has been created to detail any assigned work order expenses that are being passed to the property owner.

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