Inquiry Parsing Now Available!

To route your inquiries through Lodgix, please follow the instructions below.  Please allow up to one hour after you’ve updated your contact email for the change to take affect and for your inquiries to start to flow thru Lodgix.

Map your Lodgix properties to your Listings

  1. Click on the Inquiries menu item
  2. Click on the Setup Sources tab
  3. Enter your listing ID  (this is a very important step, don’t screw it up!!!)
  4. Click the SAVE icon

Obtain your Lodgix email address

  1. Click on the Inquiries menu item
  2. Click on the Setup Items tab
  3. Copy the Inquiry Email Address provided.

Forward all inquiries to Lodgix – Part 1

Within you will need to cut / paste the Lodgix provided email into the Inquiry email field (see image above) for every listing.


  1. It generally takes one hour to update their systems from the time the changes are applied.  Inquiries will not start to flow through Lodgix until updates their systems.
  2. batches their inquiries which means that if you are testing your setup, you can expect to wait from 10 to 20 minutes from the time you submit a test inquiry on and the time you are notified of that inquiry from Lodgix.
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