Work continues…and some new things!

Life has been pretty busy since our last post.   So much of our work has been on our journey to get the app completely mobile friendly.  Let me tell you, it’s a journey!

Concurrently we are working on the relaunch of the triggers functionality and the guest control panel.  Both are very significant endeavors and will relaunch with new interfaces and new functionality, all mobile friendly.  Very excited about that.

One project that recently launched was our new booking page:


This update accomplished a few things:

  1. Reduced load times by over 50%.  A faster booking experience means more bookings!
  2. Added a customizable image gallery.  
  3. Improved the desktop experience by allowing the booking window to anchor.
  4. Added options to put the rental agreement in a scrollable window.
  5. And much more!
While it wasn’t a huge update, it was necessary to recode it from scratch to improve the load times and tweak the interfaces.

New Plugin Booking Calendars

Our previous calendar provider had a good product, but essentially stopped development on it in recent years.   Booking calendars can be tricky.   There is a lot of necessary code to offer up the options and flexibility needed for a great booking calendar.  And of course, it must be completely mobile friendly.

So we were lucky enough to find a replacement and have really enjoyed all of the new features that this calendar brings to the table.   Let’s review:

  1. Beautiful rendering on mobile
  2. Interactive multi-month calendaring display
  3. Option to include nightly rates on calendar
  4. Improved field elements
  5. Dedicated team for customer support / bug fixes / updates
The net result is that calendar works better on more devices, while also providing more functionality and speed.  That means = MORE BOOKINGS!
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