Wow! 16 Updates to the Vacation Rental WordPress Plugin

Here are a list of the some of the changes in the past week:

  • New JQuery onmouseover image gallery w/ light boxing.
  • Improved listing page design makes it much easier to read and find important property information.
  • All of the messy rates tables, etc.. have been cleaned up
  • Optional web 2.0 icons for More Details, Contact Us, Property Location and Check Availability make it easier than ever to quick click to pertinent information
  • Sort by area added. If you have various areas defined and assigned to properties within Lodgix, you can now sort by those areas on the property listing page
  • If you want specific pages generated, showing only pages for certain areas, these pages will now be automatically generated for your optional use. For example maybe you want your oceanfront properties separate from your 2nd row properties or your oceanview rooms separate from your oceanfront rooms, all of that is now possible.
  • Booking calendar now can group properties by area, at your option of course

What’s next?

Next step is evolving from a sortable interface to a filter interface which will make it easier for the guest to see ONLY properties that meet their search criteria. This will be done in conjunction with our release of new code that will allow any website to add their property inventory to their website, not just WordPress websites. Stay tuned. This is the best multi-lingual vacation rental wordpress plugin on the market today!

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