Splendid system with a very good pricing options
Pros: Easily implementable and takes no time to be up and running. Has very flexible pricing options which helps a lot to get started . You can set your prices in a various ways (days /weeks /months) which is very important in the apartment rental business. Triggers option lets you automate the most tedious but important parts in the communication with employees and customers. Cons: Can't think of anything. Overall: Definitely will recommend to property owners who value their time and the the time of their customers
Georgi Zanev - City Style Apartments LLC

Easy to use, great vacation rental software
I have been using Lodgix for over two years to manage condos my boss has along the Gulf Coast. Lodgix has been a lifesaver. Prior to Lodgix, I did everything manually; if I had a booking on the weekend, it was ten to fifteen minutes of work at my computer. After the switch to Lodgix, I can book someone from my phone and it's just a matter of putting a few bits of information. I cannot imagine not using this software for managing our rentals. Pros: -Calendar integration with VRBO.com -UI is simple to use -Great reporting system -Inexpensive monthly charge for just a few units - Great customer support -New features constantly being added/updated Cons: -Lacks some "reminder" features (can be compensated by sending email alerts to yourself) -No Quickbooks integration (although it is coming soon) -Not the most friendly layout for mobile devices -No iOS app The group behind Lodgix.com have done a great job and are continually enhancing their product. They've got a lot of features in the hopper which will only continue to make it better. Lodgix is top dog when it comes to rental management software!
Thomas Rizzo - SRML Properties, LLC

Too many great things to say about Lodgix
Pros: The support is phenomenal - questions are answered and problems are often sorted in minutes rather than the days you usually have to wait on other websites. I am EXTREMELY technically-challenged but with the awesome and extremely detailed manual (and often Brent's help) have been able to get to a point where I am confidently able to run more and more of my business directly through Lodgix, using my iphone or ipad as much as my desk computer. This is important to me as I manage 20 + villas as well as take bookings for them - so I don't necessarily have enough time at my desk as I could do with! I can now write up and send out invoices or receipts from my phone as I sit in line at the bank. I reckon I am still only utilizing about 25% of the settings and modules available with the general subscription, I discover new time-savers constantly. The site is extremely well set out too - easy to access anything anytime and go from one screen to another. Cons: Any problems that I have encountered have generally been because of our somewhat remote location in the Caribbean. Most of this been overcome however. Overall: The fact that you can see availability at multiple properties on one page is what drew me to Lodgix. After much searching for a booking calendar that would make things easier rather than just work for me, I got a free trial. I have never looked back....as with anything that makes life easier in the long run, there is a set-up period that can be tedious with lots of data entry. Even this they make quicker by allowing you to easily copy any relevant input from one property to another. With a busy season approaching I was eager to skip things and just get the basic calendar online. It is only as and when I have had periods of time to browse through the site that I have implemented more and more of the settings available. Each one makes my life easier and frees up more of my time in the long run. It seems that everything has been thought of, and if I think of anything that would be useful to me personally Brent invariably makes it happen! I cannot recommend Lodgix highly enough!!
Sam Pierce, Property Manager - Villas of Tortola

Great easy to use software!
I've been using Lodgix for managing our Vacation Rental business for over a year and we love how easy to use it is, how people can reserve online, how it syncs to all the listings we have on the internet and some many other features. I totally recommend it!
Michelle Rodriguez, Manager - Best in Jaco

Lodgix Review
We were looking for an easy to use backend software to integrate with our website to take online bookings. We started searching the internet via google and came across many different solutions. Some where extremely expensive, some where extremely hard to implement, while others, couldn't get the job done as they were lacking features. After trailing about 5 different ones, we came across Lodgix. After playing with it and learning how it works, along with emailing the extremely helpful staff, we found that Lodgix was the easiest solution that was the most cost effective with this amount of features.
Lauralee Gordon, Owner - Pineviewcabin.com