The BEST management tool available for Vacation Rental managers – Hands-Down!!
My father and I started our company about 5 years ago and kept track of everything in a hand-written calendar-book. When that got too hectic, we tried an online hotel software that we thought was amazing and helped us out a ton... soon we found ourselves struggling with the system and needed something specifically designed for Vacation Rentals. I did some research and found Lodgix.com. It looked like an awesome program at first, but I must say that I was completely surprised to find out how much it does to simplify our work load! It has far exceeded our expectations and it seems like every month or so they are adding on to the possibilities to make it even better than it is! As a consumer, I am extremely satisfied with the system because it is so user-friendly, yet deeply complex beneath the surface. For my customers, I'm even more pleased with how user-friendly it is on their end!  Thank you Lodgix.com!
Josh Murdock, General Manager - Canyonlands

Tried a couple – subscribed to Lodgix.com
Pros: - Customer Services: Soon after registering for my free 30 day trial, the President of the company jumped in and started helping me configure the app. to fit me specific needs (pricing model, etc..). I was surprised, impressed and thankful! He was obviously engaged and willing to spend the time necessary to ensure I was successful with his solution. I knew then that I would be able to pick up the phone or e-mail to get a question answered, quickly. - GUI: Seems to be the most up-to-date one in my price range. - Price: STRONG value. - Intuitive: Obviously, you have to move through various screens to manage different aspects of the application and customer information ¿¿¿ however, all in all pretty easy navigation. - Functionality: everything ¿¿¿ and then some ¿¿¿ that I need. Cons: There is a learning curve. However, I got through it with some quick responses from tech support. Overall: Yes - I have and will continue to recommend this product. It's a lot of value for $19.95 per month. I also like the fact that I don't feel like any old customer. Being in the technology business I hear a lot about partnering. However, I had never really experienced it until I started working with Lodgix.com. even though this is a micro business - it is my business and it is important to me. it's good to know I have a "partner" i can reach out to for help in this area. Additionally, I think the leaders of Lodgix,.com have built - and will continue to build - their business on their genuine commitment to help VR owners be successful - rather than building a business on sales - which frankly, I see too much of in today's ultra competitive business environment. Lastly, I am not a relative of one of the owners. Just found these folks through and internet search on Google less than 30 days ago. As a matter I have not even paid them yet
Dave Savard, Owner - LuxuryInBreckenridge.com

Easy to use, great vacation rental software
I have been using Lodgix for over two years to manage condos my boss has along the Gulf Coast. Lodgix has been a lifesaver. Prior to Lodgix, I did everything manually; if I had a booking on the weekend, it was ten to fifteen minutes of work at my computer. After the switch to Lodgix, I can book someone from my phone and it's just a matter of putting a few bits of information. I cannot imagine not using this software for managing our rentals. Pros: -Calendar integration with VRBO.com -UI is simple to use -Great reporting system -Inexpensive monthly charge for just a few units - Great customer support -New features constantly being added/updated Cons: -Lacks some "reminder" features (can be compensated by sending email alerts to yourself) -No Quickbooks integration (although it is coming soon) -Not the most friendly layout for mobile devices -No iOS app The group behind Lodgix.com have done a great job and are continually enhancing their product. They've got a lot of features in the hopper which will only continue to make it better. Lodgix is top dog when it comes to rental management software!
Thomas Rizzo - SRML Properties, LLC

Completely Satisfied!
We switched to Lodgix in July of this year and the difference in new reservations has been astounding! Our sales are up nearly 50% and I credit much of that to the ease of use of Lodgix for our guests. Additionally, Lodgix referred us to a new merchant services provider where we are getting much better rates and saving thousands of dollars a year in processing charges. I could not be more satisfied. As with any software Lodgix isn't perfect and doesn't do EVERYTHING we would like, but it does do more than we ever expected and at a great price for the subscription. I'm eagerly looking forward to the QuickBooks sync feature, expanded language support, and the VRBO/Homeaway integration. Anytime you move systems its a huge challenge and there are lots of questions. The folks at Lodgix....Brent especially, have been extremely helpful and always responsive to our questions and support requests. Again, I'm sooooo happy I made the move. Mahalo nui loa Lodgix from Hale Ko'olau LLC on the North Shore of O'ahu.
David Moyer, Owner - Hale Koolau LLC

Too many great things to say about Lodgix
Pros: The support is phenomenal - questions are answered and problems are often sorted in minutes rather than the days you usually have to wait on other websites. I am EXTREMELY technically-challenged but with the awesome and extremely detailed manual (and often Brent's help) have been able to get to a point where I am confidently able to run more and more of my business directly through Lodgix, using my iphone or ipad as much as my desk computer. This is important to me as I manage 20 + villas as well as take bookings for them - so I don't necessarily have enough time at my desk as I could do with! I can now write up and send out invoices or receipts from my phone as I sit in line at the bank. I reckon I am still only utilizing about 25% of the settings and modules available with the general subscription, I discover new time-savers constantly. The site is extremely well set out too - easy to access anything anytime and go from one screen to another. Cons: Any problems that I have encountered have generally been because of our somewhat remote location in the Caribbean. Most of this been overcome however. Overall: The fact that you can see availability at multiple properties on one page is what drew me to Lodgix. After much searching for a booking calendar that would make things easier rather than just work for me, I got a free trial. I have never looked back....as with anything that makes life easier in the long run, there is a set-up period that can be tedious with lots of data entry. Even this they make quicker by allowing you to easily copy any relevant input from one property to another. With a busy season approaching I was eager to skip things and just get the basic calendar online. It is only as and when I have had periods of time to browse through the site that I have implemented more and more of the settings available. Each one makes my life easier and frees up more of my time in the long run. It seems that everything has been thought of, and if I think of anything that would be useful to me personally Brent invariably makes it happen! I cannot recommend Lodgix highly enough!!
Sam Pierce, Property Manager - Villas of Tortola