Fall 2023 Updates

There have been some super enhancements to the Lodgix system since our last mid-August update:

1) Automated payment processing is now live (optional) for all accounts.  We’ve further expanded the functionality by also automating the processing of pre-authorization / pre-authorization holds.

2) Phase 1 of the Unified Inbox has launched for all subscribers.  This functionality replaces our previous inquiries functionality and supports all pre-booking inquiries, including those from Airbnb / VRBO and your website.

3) Phase 2 of the Unified Inbox is under active development.  This phase will expand the functionality of the Unified Inbox to support two-way post booking comunication via email and through the use of our admin and guest apps.   This has been a glaring hole in our platform and I”m super excited to get this launched!

4) Custom Invoice Variables functionality has been enhanced.  We have a property manager who wanted to collect some information from all guests.  This particular use case involved asking the guest if they were bringing a boat and also collecting the size, type and color of the boat.   We didn’t realy have a great way of collecting, storing and sharing that data.  

Hosted Forms would collect the data after the booking, but the data couldn’t be shared via merge tags or updated.   Custom Invoice Variables could collect the data at the time of booking, but not after..and while the data could be shared and updated, the actual form field functionality was limited.   So the answer was to combine the two systems into one.   That is now done and LIVE on Lodgix.

It is now possible to:

  • Define a custom form.
  • Display the form at the time of guest booking, or..
  •  ..for channel bookings, email the guest to fill our the form after booking.
  • Share the data via merge tags with the guest and / or team members
  • Update the data after collection.
It’s a pretty great new feature!
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