Property Management Module Has Launched!

Phase I of the long awaited property management module has launched.   Phase I allows for a property manager to setup owners and assign those owners to properties.   Owners are able to login with very limited rights to view the availability calendar for their property(s) and also to block out dates when their property is not available for rental.

In the Phase II release (6 weeks),  we will introduce Owner Statements as well as additional reporting, enhanced housekeeping, branded owner login pages and other important features. We’ll also incorporate enhancements based upon feedback to the Phase I features.  This module will be a work in progress, largely developed from user feedback and competitive research.

Our intentions with the property management module are NOT to compete with applications that charge literally thousands of dollars per month.  Rather we hope to offer an economical, easy-to-use, alternative product that will work great for the majority of smaller property managers.  It won’t be perfect, but it will save you thousands of dollars over larger applications while still delivering the core functionality.

In the Phase III release of the module our efforts will focus on developing additional widgets that will allow guests to search / sort through your inventory without having to view the entire multi-unit calendar.  We will also be working on some quickbooks integration functionality.

In this release we are also experimenting with use of some advanced jQuery Tooltips,  and form styling.    It is our hope to integrate tooltips throughout the entire application in the coming weeks to make the product more intuitive and easy-to-use.

View more information on pricing for the option property management module.