Triggers Log Report

In an attempt to help subscribers track whether or not a trigger has fired, we’ve created a Trigger Log report which will show a running log of all triggers that have fired.   We’ve not been collecting that data previously so the report will only show a log of triggers that have fired after October 23, 2013.

The report can be accessed at reports > triggers log report

Keep in mind there is a queue for all Triggers, that queue is flushed every five minutes.  So it could take up to five minutes for the trigger to fire.


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Triggers for Property Managers

The Triggers interface has some additional options when the property management module is enabled and added to the core subscription.


There is now an Owner option when the property management module is enabled.


When the Owner option is set, another field appears which allows a particular property owner to be chosen. This functionality may be useful to those managers who want triggers setup to notify property owners when certain events occur (e.g. confirmed bookings).

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