Universal Property Template – Security Deposits

Security or damage deposits are now setup within the new Universal Property template.

Settings > Templates > Universal Property

 Click on the Security Deposit Tab

  1. Choose when to collect the security deposit.  The most common (and preferred) implementation is “at time of reservation”.
  2. Click “Add Deposit”.
  1. Enter a name like “Security Deposit”
  2. Enter the amount of the security deposit
  3. Choose whether the deposit is a pre-auth or not.  A pre-auth means that the security deposit is never actually collected.  A pre-auth means that a pre-authorization is run on the guest credit card for the amount of the security deposit.  This places a hold on the guest credit card in the amount of the security deposit, usually for seven (7) days, at which times the pre-auth will expire.   Note: pre-auths typically aren’t a real good mechanism for protecting the property as many times the pre-auth will expire before the guest checks out, leaving little protection for the property manager.
  1. Select the security deposit.
  2. Add to ALL properties or
  3. Add to individual properties

The arrow shows how the table can be manipulated to show which properties contain (or don’t contain) the security deposit.

Note: most property managers no longer use security deposits for many reasons:

  1. Time required to collect / refund the security deposit.
  2. Possible loss of discount rate as most merchant accounts will not refund the discount rate.
  3. Possible damage to online reputation when a guest disputes the retention of the security deposit and complains in the many forums and review sites online.

Most property managers now mandate Damage Protection.  Learn more about damage protection and how to set it up within Lodgix.

VacationHomeRentals.com Inquiry Parsing Now Available!

To route your VacationHomeRentals.com inquiries through Lodgix, please follow the instructions below.  Please allow up to one hour after you’ve updated your VacationHomeRentals.com contact email for the change to take affect and for your inquiries to start to flow thru Lodgix.

Map your Lodgix properties to your VacationHomeRentals.com Listings

  1. Click on the Inquiries menu item
  2. Click on the Setup Sources tab
  3. Enter your VacationHomeRentals.com listing ID  (this is a very important step, don’t screw it up!!!)
  4. Click the SAVE icon

Obtain your Lodgix email address

  1. Click on the Inquiries menu item
  2. Click on the Setup Items tab
  3. Copy the Inquiry Email Address provided.

Forward all VacationHomeRentals.com inquiries to Lodgix – Part 1

Within VacationHomeRentals.com you will need to cut / paste the Lodgix provided email into the Inquiry email field (see image above) for every listing.


  1. It generally takes VacationHomerentals.com one hour to update their systems from the time the changes are applied.  Inquiries will not start to flow through Lodgix until VacationHomerentals.com updates their systems.
  2. VacationHomerentals.com batches their inquiries which means that if you are testing your setup, you can expect to wait from 10 to 20 minutes from the time you submit a test inquiry on VacationHomerentals.com and the time you are notified of that inquiry from Lodgix.

New Vacation Rental Housekeeping Report!

Great news, our housekeeping report has been modified!  The new format offers a more streamlined way to view departures and arrivals, as well as services, notes,  pets, etc..

The Housekeeping Report is meant for use by the housekeeper to quickly and easily show which units are turning over and when the next guest is expected to arrive.

The “Depart” column shows the name, date and time of the departing guest.

The “Property” column shows the name (and unit #) of the property.

The “Other Info” column will highlight if the unit is turning over on the same day.  It will contain the name of the next guest scheduled to arrive.  This is a courtesy to the housekeeper so that in the event the housekeeper has contact with the arriving guest, they can greet them by name and confirm that they are checking into the correct unit.

Housekeeping Notes (derived from the Housekeeping Tab within the Guest Control Panel) will also be displayed under Other Info and are meant to provide the housekeeper with additional instructions such as “requires high chair” or “requires extra towels”, etc.

If the arriving guest has ordered any additional services, those services will also be listed under Other Info.

If the arriving guest is bringing a pet, that will be noted under Other Info.

Facebook App Project Update

We are getting close to taking the wraps off our new Lodgix Facebook App integration.   It’s not really a vacation rental game changer by any stretch of the imagination, but it will make it significantly easier for viewers of your Facebook page to surf your vacation rental inventory and book online right from within Facebook!

We’ve coded this from scratch, while porting over the general look and feel of the property listing and sort pages from our WordPress plugin.

Overall, it always makes sense to take advantage of additional exposure, especially when it’s free.  In my own experience, I find myself surfing a property managers Facebook page, but I don’t often click through to view their website.  However if there was a tab right in my face within Facebook, highlighting the properties for rent, I would click on that.  It’s just easier, it doesn’t interrupt my Facebook “flow”.  Thus, it seems like a good idea to connect Lodgix with Facebook, what do you think?

Here are some screenshots from our test integration so far!

Image #1: Custom tab for guests to view inventory.




Image #2: Property display
(note image gallery, jQuery Tabs, etc.)




Really all that is left is some additional cleanup and testing!

Lodgix Has Integrated to Stripe.com

Lodgix has completed their integration to Stripe.com!  Stripe makes it easy to accept credit cards in your currency and offers simple, easy to read statements, as well as a low flat rate for processing credit cards.












Integration instructions for Lodgix can be found here:


Signup at http://www.Stripe.com