New Dashboard is Coming!

For almost a year now I’ve been promising a new dashboard. Our current dashboard is static and offers the user no ability to customize it to display data that is most important to them. In our current dashboard the layout is comprised of straight tables which does not display well on mobile devices. In our current dashboard there are only six data windows: arrivals tomorrow, departures tomorrow, pending reservations, balances due, refunds due and statistics. Even worse the statistics haven’t worked in five years. 🙂

Here is a screenshot of the current dashboard:


New Responsive HTML5 Dashboard

Our new dashboard will be a tool that is very flexible. We will add data from all over the application reservations, inquiries, revenues, total bookings, arrivals by day, week or month, departures by day, week or month, twitter feeds, facebook feeds, social media engagement, website visitors, anywhere we can pull data, we’ll attempt to do it.

Just as important, you can determine what data you want and where you want it. The widgets can be dropped anywhere on the screen. Maybe you want to group your widgets and have tabs for each grouping, you can do that. Maybe you want your employee to only have access to a couple of widgets, you can do that. Maybe your property owners should have a widget or two that only pertain to them, you can do that.

Also the new dashboard is responsive, meaning it will display wonderfully on any size screen or mobile device. We will be recoding our header to be responsive in the next few weeks, so the whole application will take a nice step forward to working well on any size screen or mobile device.

Here is the most recent screenshot of our new dashboard:


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Vendor Management for Vacation Rentals

Oh wow, three updates in one day! Another small step in the right direction. I didn’t even get to write yet about the enhanced owner login functionality or triggers or our new HTML5 website designs, so much is happening!!

Vendor management is really a lite contact manager for your vendors. It’s heavily associated with the rental expense and work order functionality.

Work Orders > Vendor Manager


Add Vendor


  1. Enter vendor contact information
  2. Save data
  3. Add work order (optional step)

Work orders assigned to this vendor will appear below the vendor contact details.

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Rental Expense Tracking Has Launched!

Slowly but surely we are putting the pieces in place for a comprehensive financial reporting and owner statement system. Rental expense tracking with pass thru to the owner statement (if using the property management module) is a good step in the right direction!

Ultimately we will connect the guest invoice to the property management module, but until that time this enhancement will make life a little easier for all property managers that need a way to have one-time expenses flow through to the owner statement.

We also launched a pretty slick Vendor Management component today, more on that in the next post! Happy Holidays!

Rental expenses are primarily intended to pass through to the owner statement. Unlike work orders, which are items that typically need fixing or replacing, rental expenses could be items like monthly utilities, one-time cleaning fees, etc. Any expense which you want to pass through to the property owner and have it appear on the owner statement.

Properties > Rental Expenses


Expense Listing with Filters

  1. Filter
  2. Property
  3. Description
  4. Amount
  5. Add New Expense Button

Add New Expense Interface


If you want this expense to pass through to the owner statement, you must choose the property owner from the drop down. The expense will then be allocated to the expense account of your choosing for the property owner and flow through to the owner statement.

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Inquiry Management and Automation Overview

Vacation Rental Inquiry Templates and Automation

Work and testing are underway of a new feature that will allow Lodgix subscribers to route their inquiry emails through Lodgix. This will allow a subscriber to:

  1. Run reports by custom periods for inquiries received by source
  2. Calculate ROI by source as Lodgix will have smarts that track inquiries as they turn into bookings.
  3. Apply templates to responses for easy and quick responses in the event a property is available or not available
  4. Quote inquiries. Currently if a phone or email inquiry arrives, there is no ability to send out a custom quote via email. The new system will have this functionality.
  5. Track inquiries separate from guests. Inquiry tables will be sync’d with email marketing module to allow for email marketing after the fact
  6. Access mobile friendly pages for super fast response times when receiving inquiries on your mobile device
  7. Setup complete automation, allowing inquiries to be answered with templates applied with NO subscriber intervention
  8. Enable a feature called “Rental Switch” which will automatically suggest (and quote) other “like” properties in your inventory when an inquiry arrives for a property that is not available.

and of course, much, much more.

This is truly the most robust inquiry management and conversion tool available anywhere. Best of all we are providing it at no charge to existing customers. Estimated time to arrival: January 25, 2012.


Screenshot showing new Inquiry menu item with ability to map your source IDs to specific properties on Lodgix. Using the Cost tab you will be able to define the cost of your annual listing for ROI calculation or also define the per inquiry cost by source.

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