New Rental Expense Manager Interface is Live!

Slowly but surely we are working through the Lodgix interfaces updating them all to our new framework.  This week we relaunched the Rental Expenses interface under properties > rental expenses.  The new interface utilizes flat icons, is also faster and more fluid than the previous interface.


It is now easier than ever to select multiple or all properties and the interface is mobile friendly! Of course rental expenses can optionally be assigned to property owners for inclusion on owner statements.


  1. Period selector
  2. Filter by property
  3. Add new rental expense
  4. Search box to query for various expense fields
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New Vacation Rental Housekeeping Report!

Great news, our housekeeping report has been modified!  The new format offers a more streamlined way to view departures and arrivals, as well as services, notes,  pets, etc..

The Housekeeping Report is meant for use by the housekeeper to quickly and easily show which units are turning over and when the next guest is expected to arrive.

The “Depart” column shows the name, date and time of the departing guest.

The “Property” column shows the name (and unit #) of the property.

The “Other Info” column will highlight if the unit is turning over on the same day.  It will contain the name of the next guest scheduled to arrive.  This is a courtesy to the housekeeper so that in the event the housekeeper has contact with the arriving guest, they can greet them by name and confirm that they are checking into the correct unit.

Housekeeping Notes (derived from the Housekeeping Tab within the Guest Control Panel) will also be displayed under Other Info and are meant to provide the housekeeper with additional instructions such as “requires high chair” or “requires extra towels”, etc.

If the arriving guest has ordered any additional services, those services will also be listed under Other Info.

If the arriving guest is bringing a pet, that will be noted under Other Info.

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Online Training Appointment Scheduling

Soon, we will be launching a new website at  Our current site is getting a little dated.  Within that site will feature is a widget that will allow site visitors and Lodgix subscribers to schedule training online.

To Beta the functionality, I am embedding the widget below and sending users to this blog post to try it out!  Pick a date and time from the list of available times for each date and choose what type of training you desire (it’s all free).

For online training you will need to be in front of your PC with access to a high speed connection, for voice training you just need a phone. 🙂

[iframe width=”100%” height=”1200″ src=”” style=”border:0px;background-color:transparent;” frameborder=”0″ allowtransparency=”true” onload=”if((document.documentElement&&document.documentElement.scrollTop)||document.body.scrollTop>this.offsetTop)this.scrollIntoView();”]

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New Inquiry Management Options

There is a new notification option available within the Inquiry Configuration area of Lodgix. In the past every time a guest inquires or responds to a response, a notification is generated. That notification previously only went to the subscriber or to a custom email address of your choosing. Now there is an additional option to have the notification automatically sent to whomever last responded to the inquiry.

Thus if you have employees responding to inquiries, they can now be notified of the guest response. It allows the notification process to be more dynamic.


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