Calendar Sync for FlipKey & TripAdvisor

Lodgix can now sync your Lodgix calendar data with your listings on FlipKey & TripAdvisor using our iCal feed.

Locate the Lodgix iCal Feed

Click on the Settings > Marketing Partners > Review Offers menu item within Lodgix.

  1. Find your property
  2. Cut the .ics (iCalendar) feed URL provided for that property, you will need to paste the URL into FlipKey

Login to FlipKey

Login to Flipkey, click on the Listings Tab and then choose "Update Calendar" for the property that you wish to sync with Lodgix.

Add a Calendar

Within FlipKey under the availability calendar, there is an area to "Sync my calendars", click the button to "+ Add a calendar"

Paste the Lodgix iCal Feed URL into Flipkey

Enter the name of the Calendar (your choice) and Paste the feed URL from Lodgix in to the Calendar Link field (see above)


Check for the Success message (see above).

Note:  Calendars will update only when FlipKey polls the data feed.  This should occur several times per day.  


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iCal Feed Now Available for All Properties

For those of you who want to push availability data to sites like Airbnb or Google Calendars, we now publish an iCal feed for all properties.


The feeds can be found under Settings > Marketing Partners > Review Offers under the “iCalendar” Tab.

To use the iCal feed with your Airbnb:

In your Airbnb account, go to Calendar mappings and paste the URL. Your availability data will then sync from Lodgix to Airbnb.

For more info on the Airbnb iCal feature:

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