Tutorials on how to effectively use the Lodgix.com vacation rental management application and how to be a great vacation rental owner and manager

iCal Feed Now Available for All Properties

For those of you who want to push availability data to sites like Airbnb or Google Calendars, we now publish an iCal feed for all properties.


The feeds can be found under Settings > Marketing Partners > Review Offers under the “iCalendar” Tab.


To use the iCal feed with your Airbnb:

In your Airbnb account, go to Calendar mappings and paste the URL. Your availability data will then sync from Lodgix to Airbnb.

For more info on the Airbnb iCal feature: https://www.airbnb.com/help/question/hosting/99.

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Vacation rentals and digital signatures

When we evaluated, and eventually chose RightSignature as our digital signature solutions provider, we had several objectives in mind that had to be met.  After reviewing about 10 different firms, it became very apparent that for our needs, RightSignature.com had a solution that met all the requirements.

Does it seal documents with a unique “fingerprint”?
Many programs, such as Microsoft Word, allow users to add an electronicsignature to a document. But as long as these documents can be altered without changing the signature, the document isn’t truly sealed. A secure digital signature solution seals documents with a tamperproof digital “fingerprint” unique to both the signer and the document; any changes whatsoever immediately—and visibly—invalidate the signature.

Can it support multiple applications across the organization?
Solutions for Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat® are common. But to facilitate movement through your workflows, your digital signature system must work with numerous applications, including popular office apps such as Microsoft Word, Excel®, PDF and AutoCAD®. In addition, the technology should support signatures in document management and workflow systems such as Microsoft SharePoint.

Will it let you see a graphical signature?
In electronic documents, the real security is provided by the underlying technology. But what we actually see is a visually convenient way of recognizing identification. Look for  igital signature solutions that allow you to apply and see a graphical representation of the traditional “wet” signature.

Can it record more than one signature?
Many of the most important documents, like contracts, require more than one signature. Yet some electronic systems have no means for accommodating more than one valid signature per document. The right solution allows more than one person to sign in more than one place while maintaining the validity of the document.

Does it comply with all legal requirements?

If the signature doesn’t stand up in court, it can’t meet your business standards. Your solution must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Authenticity: the signature is uniquely linked to the signer
  • Integrity: any tampering to the document can be detected
  • Enforceability: signatures must be verifiable by all parties
  • non-refutability: the signature cannot be denied or disavowed can it be verified anytime, anywhere, by anyone?

You’ve assigned your signature with your system. But will the receiving party be able to verify it without installing the same digital signature software? An effective solution allows recipients to see and verify unaltered signatures with the ordinary document software, such as Microsoft Word or Abobe Acrobat, they already have.

Is it simple to use?
A “wet” signature requires pen and paper—simple. But a digital signature system that insists on multi-step, wizard-like processes is anything but simple. The acid test? The right solution should take no more than 10 seconds or 1-2 mouse clicks to ensure that a document is signed, sealed and legally compliant.

Does it have a low total cost of ownership?
Look under the hood for hidden costs: complex software installations, additional staffing requirements, help desk demands, registration and/or renewal fees for digital certificates, and more. The digital signature solution you want should solve problems, not impose new costs.

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Calendar Tape Now Includes Area and Amenity Filtering!

Hooray! It’s now easier than ever to search and find that perfect property for a guest. The calendar tape within Lodgix now includes additional filters for Areas and for Amenities.

The Areas filter won’t appear unless you’ve configured your “areas” within the Area Manager (properties > area manager).

The amenities filter is configurable. Instructions are provided in the tutorial / overview below. Every area has different hot buttons. For some being “oceanfront” is a must, for others it’s having a Jacuzzi or mountain view or both. We give you the option to both define (properties > amenity manager) and configure (calendar tape > configuration options) which options you want to use to filter matching properties with availability.

Soon we’ll extend this functionality as an option to the guest online booking calendar and then soon after that we’ll update the Search Rentals widget within the WordPress plugin to optionally include the amenity filters.

The net result is that searching for specific properties with specific amenities for both property manager and guest is becoming much easier!


The calendar tape is one of the strongest features of Lodgix. It is fast, highly configurable and very interactive. The interface is easy to understand and works incredible well across all platforms and browsers. The calendar scales to the size of your screen, so if you are using a 24″ iMac the calendar tape and can displays months and months of data and hundreds of properties at-a-glance.

The Interface

  1. Property names
  2. Dates
  3. Filters



Real-time filters

In an effort to improve the calendar tape interface for property managers with many properties, we have launched real-time filtering. As the filter criteria are selected, the properties displayed will filter to only show properties that meet the filter criteria.

The initial filters are for the arrival date, number of bedrooms and the area. For those that have properties assigned to various areas (utilizing our Area Manager), you are now able to quickly select the area and have ONLY properties displayed that are assigned to that area.

The fourth filter is optional and is a configurable filter where the Lodgix subscriber can select the amenities of their choice to act as filters. For some they may want to filter properties that are “oceanfront”, for others having a “pool” might be super important, and for others it might be showing only properties with a “king bed”, etc.. Everybody is different and to that end we will be allowing you the choice of determining which amenities are most important to you!

Color Coding

Each reservation has a color code (colors can be customized) which correlates to the invoice status of the reservation. This makes it super easy to distinguish between which guests owe money, which guest have paid and which guests have refunds owed to them.

Onmouseover Features


Mouseover the property name to see the number of bedrooms, baths and sleeps.

More onmouseover Features


Mouseover the guest reservation to view the dates of stay, guest name and the invoice status.

Onmouseover Display for Blocked Dates


Onmouseover displays who created the block, the dates of the block and the reason for the block. Blocked dates are shown in black of a subscriber block and in dark blue if the owner made the block. All colors are customizable.

Touch Sensitive for Mobile Devices


If you are using a touch enabled device, you can scroll through dates on the calendar using your finger. Likewise you can also use the arrow buttons or jump ahead to future dates using the calendar icon.

Configuration Options


Within the Calendar Tape > Configuration Options area it is possible to set a variety of options:

Cell Width and Cell Height (set each to equal number to maintain a square). To display more properties per page, set these numbers smaller, to display less properties (but make the viewing area easier to read) set these numbers higher.
Property Name Column Width can be adjusted higher or lower depending on personal preferences and readability.
Weekend Shading. Some define a weekend as Friday / Saturday, others define a weekend as Saturday / Sunday.
Font Size. Usually configured at the same time the Cell Width and Cell Height are set.
Disable Date Tooltips. Onmouseover display for properties can be enabled / disabled.
Disable Filters. Turns the filter bar on / off.

Filter Amenities.

Select the amenities you want to use as filter criteria within the calendar tape. Either click on the (+) icon to move the amenity from the left column to the right column, or just drag and drop! Don’t forget to save your selections, then check the calendar tape!

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Lockouts Have Launched!

Occasionally a subscriber will have a property that can be rented in different configurations. For example, a 5 bedroom house could be rented to a large group, or it might be rented to five individual groups. We don’t have a lot of demand for the lockout feature, but for those that require it, we do offer it.

Lockout Configuration


Located under Properties > Lockout Configuration


Step #1 shows the location of the Add New Lockout button, use it to setup a new lockout.

A lockout is basically a dependency. For example if Unit A is rented, then don’t allow Units B, C and D to rent. How do we not allow a unit to rented? By blocking it off of course!


Blocked Dates as a Result of a Lockout


On the Calendar Tape, after a reservation is made for a property with a lockout dependency, the units locked out by the rental are blocked off in black and a comment is displayed “Blocked due to rental of the Kiwi House.” The blocks can be easily removed at any time by double clicking on the block for each unit.

Rules of a Lockout

Initially we have setup a couple of rules to keep the interface manageable.

  1. Single unit properties can only lockout single unit properties; and..
  2. Roomtypes can only lockout roomtypes belonging to the same multi-unit property.

Lockout Creation / Editing Interface


This interface needs to be a little more user friendly, but until then, here is a step-by-step explanation:

  1. Look at it like this, “if (insert property name) is rented, then lockout (insert property name).”. First choose the property that is being rented from the dropdown, and then..
  2. Choose from the list of available properties, and either click + or drag and drop the property from the left column to the right column.
  3. The properties on the right (Area #3) are the properties that will be licked out (blocked off) when the property chosen in Step #1 is rented.
  4. Click the SAVE button to save the lockouts.

REMEMBER the rules listed in the previous step! Only single-unit properties can lock out single unit properties and likewise only roomtypes within the same multi-unit can lockout roomtypes within that same multi-unit property.

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PDF Template Creation and Editing Process Has Relaunched

As we work to integrate digital signatures into the Lodgix platform, we are taking the opportunity to upgrade many of the systems that are affected by the new functionality. Creating and editing PDF templates today became much easier as we’ve upgraded the entire interface and made the process of finding, selecting and inserting merge tags much easier.

Additionally, the editor now supports direct copy / paste from Word, which will make the setup process far easier for subscribers have existing rental agreements and other documents in Word, etc.. that they wish to replicate on Lodgix using Merge Tags. Enjoy!

PDF Templates are easy to create and easy to edit. Follow the instructions below and you’ll be up and running in no time!

  1. Clicking on the pencil icon will allow to edit any template
  2. Clicking on the two sheets of paper will allow you to copy a template
  3. Clicking on the "Hide" link will hide a template from view. Remember any template you create will be displayed in the communications and correspondence areas of the application
  4. Clicking on the "Restore" link will allow you to restore the default template in the event you really screw things up!

Edit PDF Template


To create or edit a PDF template a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor is utilized. This means that how the document looks on the screen should almost mirror how the document looks when it’s converted to a PDF.

  1. This is the name of your template. If you’ve created a new template or copied an existing one, you would want to enter a custom name here.
  2. This is the area where you can define if the page is to be displayed in Portrait or Landscape mode.
  3. Merge Tags.. Position your cursor where you would like the variable to be inserted, them choose the merge from the drop down list provided. Click the Insert Tag button to insert the tag.
  4. Anything with a [ ] on the page is a merge tag that will pull invoice specific data from the application when generating the live PDF.

Merge Tags


The merge tags have been grouped by Invoice, Guest, Property, etc. They’ve also been ordered by the order in which they are typically used. Each merge tag has a short description to aid in finding the correct merge tag to use for your template. If you can’t determine which merge tag is the correct merge tag, a good way to test is to choose a merge tag, save the template and then generate a test pdf or go to an invoice and generate a live PDF to determine whether the PDF output is what you require. If it’s not, rinse and repeat.

Tips for Success – IMPORTANT!

  1. In general text from Microsoft Word can be cut / paste directly into the editor. However, at times a bunch of junk formatting from Word will carry over that will screw up your template. If that happens, copy the contents to a text editor first like Notepad and then copy / paste into the template. That will assure a clean import.
  2. The “Source” button will show you the actual source formatting code. If you are experiencing issues with formatting many times digging into the source will help you delete unnecessary formatting.
  3. [clogo] will allow you to display your logo in the template, if a logo has been uploaded within the Important Settings area of the application.

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Custom Variables

The best way to explain this feature is to give an example. Let’s say you have several properties and each has a lockbox with a different lockbox code. You want to send out instructions (automagically of course) to an arriving guest with check-in instructions which would include the lockbox code for the property. Well Lodgix doesn’t currently have a field for a “Lockbox Code”. However, now you can define a custom variable that will allow you to define your own fields AND it will assign a variable to the custom field that you can reference in your correspondence templates, triggers and emails!



Click on the “Custom Variables” menu item


Click “Create new custom variable”

  1. Description. This is the title of the field. For example, if the variable is for the input of property notes, the title might be “Property Notes”. In this example, the title is “Lockbox Code”.
  2. Location. Global Variable – value is static and will remain the same anywhere in the application. An example might be setting up an “Innkeeper” variable with the name of the Innkeeper. If the Innkeeper is replaced, rather than updating every piece of correspondence with the name of the new Innkeeper, you would simply update the Innkeeper variable and all correspondence would update immediately. Properties Variable (most common) – value can be set for each property/roomtype. A great example might be a lockbox code which is different for each property. A new tab will appear in the setup for each property where the custom variables you setup will be displayed awaiting input.
  3. Length. This is the length of the input field. For a lockbox code, a field length of 10 characters should be sufficient.
  4. Rows. This is the number of rows present in the input field. More rows are only necessary if you are adding a notes field or something similar.
  5. Save or Cancel the new variable.

Where are the new custom variables found?


Custom variables that are set with a location of “Property Variable” will show up within a “Custom” tab within the setup for each property. Click on the custom tab and you will see the variable you defined with the corresponding input field. In this example we defined a “Lockbox Code” variable which will allow us to setup different lockbox codes for each property.

How can I reference the new variables within triggers, templates and emails?


<CUSTOMVARIABLE1> will be present within all areas of the application where variables can be reference. Inserting this variable into an email or pdf template will substitute the variable with the actual input for that specific property. In our example, it would display the lockbox code for the specific property being referenced in the invoice or trigger.

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WordPress and Thesis are a great combo for Vacation Rental Websites

Most vacation rental owners and managers have no idea that WordPress has transcended being a simple blogging platform and turned into a full fledged content management system for vacation rentals. Even I was surprised at how easy it was to use WordPress to create great looking vacation rental websites.

However even with the large number of “themes” (both free and “for fee”) available for WordPress, there really aren’t many good vacation rental themes for WordPress. Additionally, if you are concerned about building a Search Engine Friendly vacation rental website, then there some limitations to WordPress which can be frustrating.

Enter Thesis. Thesis is a framework for WordPress. It is like a theme, but much much more powerful. Thesis transforms WordPress and makes it MUCH easier to custom the look and feel of WordPress to develop very powerful Web 2.0 vacation rental websites.


Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community 

Thesis is installed into the /wp-content/themes directory just like any other theme, but then you can also install a skin on top of Thesis which really takes WordPress to the next level.

Below are some examples of websites we’ve developed using Thesis (and are also integrated with Lodgix.com, using our vacation rental WordPress plugin). If you’d like more information on having Lodgix design and develop a vacation rental website for you, please fill out our questionnaire and email it back to us. Pricing is more reasonable than you might thing for a completely custom site!

Big Fresh

With a well-rounded, uniquely-experienced team, Big Fresh is able to offer clients the creative, technical, and marketing expertise that their business needs. Add to that integrity and a desire to build solid, long-term relationships and you have a winning combination with Big Fresh. Learn more here: https://www.bigfresh.com/

Cotton & Company

Cotton & Company is located in Stuart Florida, and is focused solely on real estate marketing. More information can be found at TheCottonSolution.com

February Point
February Point on Great Exuma delivers a freestyle out-island lifestyle in a private destination marina community. Whether you’re seeking a vacation rental, Bahamas real estate investment or homeaway from home, you’ll find a resort lifestyle unlike any other. The Exumas are a Bahamas favorite for the rich and famous, where gin-clear waters in amazingly vibrant hues surround you in every direction.
Great Abaco in The Bahamas is home to Schooner Bay, a harbour village designed and built using sustainable practices and materials. A protected harbour marina, tranquil beaches, eco-adventures, a fully stocked organic farm, infinite fishing and water sports - it's a cherished out-island life that celebrates authentic Bahamian village life and its extraordinary natural surroundings.

Ignition Graphix

Located in Heber City Utah, Ignition Graphix provides full service graphic, web and print design. View their website here: http://www.ignitiongraphix.com/

The Hiking Inn
The Hiking Inn was a concept developed over several years. The home was built in 2003 as a private residence. In February 2011, Lynn David purchased the home with the desire to develop a place for visitors to use as a base to enjoy Midway, Heber Valley, Park City and Sundance environment. The home sits just above the quaint Swiss City of Midway, Utah. Lynn’s passion for hiking in the mountains of Utah and his hobby for collecting Olympic memorabilia is exhibited through the Inn.

InterCoastal Net Designs

InterCoastal Net Designs does some great work, Located in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. View their website here: http://www.icoastalnet.com/

Natural Bridge Cabins
The Natural Bridge Cabin Company has cabins located in the Natural Bridge State Park and Red River Gorge area of Kentucky.
WVA Getaways
Almost Heaven Cabin Rentals is located in Logan County, West Virginia. Our cabins are convenient for travelers, located just off of US Rt. 119 Hwy. Almost Heaven Cabins are great for the adventurer due to our close proximity to the Hatfield McCoy trails.

WordPress Websites

Lodgix.com customers using our WordPress plugin. These sites were designed by other third party website design companies.

Arbor Breeze
We are a small business and support the local economy. We fell in love with this area in 2006 and have acquired all of our properties since that time. We provide vacation properties from small cabins to a large lodge.
AVL Vacation Rentals
Luxury Vacation Rentals in Asheville, North Carolina
Chateau de Mont-Felix
Chateau Mont-Felix is located in a mature woodland setting of ten hectares of private parkland, coupled with beautiful views to the east across castle lawns and further on to the local village of St Jean – St Germain.
Dana Horne Realy
Luxury Vacation Rentals in San Diego Vacation rentals are perfect for families looking for something different for their vacation. Rental homes offer togetherness, meaningful experiences, and quality memories. It is the best of both worlds: all the luxuries of a beachfront resort with all the comforts of home.
Diamond Head Beach Hotel
Easy, luxurious access to Waikiki’s beautiful stunning sandy beaches, exceptional shopping, dining and nightlife experience, and a long list of outdoor and recreational activities await you at Waikiki.
Island Real Estate
Over the past 40 years Island Real Estate has grown into the largest and most experienced real estate brokerage on Harbour Island. Our company is pleased to offer our client’s Harbour Island’s most extensive portfolio of vacation rental houses and real estate offerings.
ITZ Vacation Properties
Orlando based vacation rental property management company
Kiawah Island Getaways
Making your Kiawah Island vacation rental experience first-class, fun and relaxing is our highest priority. Whether you are vacationing with the kids, shopping real estate or getting away with your sweetheart, we take the extra steps to make sure your Kiawah Island accommodations are clean, comfortable, well-appointed and well-maintained. Relax in style.
Log Cabin Rentals Blue Ridge
Your mountain vacation will be unforgettable and one you will tell your friends about. No doubt you will want to return again and again. Log Cabin Rentals Blue Ridge is committed to providing you with the perfect North Georgia Mountain vacation for you.
Luxury Vacation Rentals in Panama City Beach
Luxury Vacation Rentals, LLC is a full service property management firm in Panama City Beach, FL. This office is run by some very knowledgeable folks who demand the best from their properties and staff. I can't imagine ever having a bad time when your vacation is managed by LVR. Give them a call and ask for Christine if you are planning a trip to PCB and need a vacation home on or near the beach! Designing and developing their website was great fun and the final product I think conveys the beauty of their properties and the region very very well.
Outrageous Cabins
17 incredible vacation rentals in Sevierville, Tennessee. Great pricing and great value! If you are thinking of visiting Dollywood, Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge then you would be be remiss not to consider OutRageousCabins for all of your vacation rental needs!
Panache Rental
Whether visiting Paris, London, Venice or the French countryside – the enhanced space, comfort and distinctive charm of our properties guarantees guests receive maximum value for their travel dollar.
Sanford Realty
Broker and vacation rental property manager in Cape Coral, FL.
Tahoe Destination Vacation Rentals
Tahoe Destination Vacation Rentals is a small company representing only a handful of carefully selected properties. Incredible Properties. All of our properties are either on the lake or directly across the street in the South Lake Tahoe Area. We provide large, high quality images so our guests can clearly see the quality of each home. Clean, Comfortable and Cozy!!!
The Sea Pearl Estates
Two executive style properties located in the highly sought-after Formosa Gardens Estates, located within 3 miles of the main gates of Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
Tides Cape May
The Tides is a community of 52 condo units located on Jackson Street, one of the oldest and most famous streets in the heart of historic Cape May, New Jersey. We’re just across the street from the beach and two short blocks away from the Washington Street walking mall with its myriad shops and restaurants.
Vacation cottages for rent in the Cook Forest of Pennsylvania
VacationCake Rentals
We feature a wide variety of unique vacation homes in & around Austin that can accommodate groups of just about any size – large or small. All of our properties are wonderfully, fully furnished and literally ready to live (eat, play, sleep, relax) in. VacationCake was born and raised here in ATX, so we take pride in opening our doors to visitors, fitting you to the perfect vacation home or temporary housing, and helping your travels to Austin a memorable experience!
Vacationville Birch Bay is proud to offer some of the finest vacation rental homes, cabins, condominiums and villas available in the Pacific Northwest. From our office located in beautiful Birch Bay Washington, we are certain to have the perfect accommodations for any season or any reason!
Wischis Florida
On our page you will find the perfect vacation home for you, no matter if in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Bonita Springs, or Naples. A vacation with Wischis Florida Home is a dream come true.
Yosemite's Enchanted Forest
Yosemite National Park Cabins for Rent. Quite a place!
Vacation Country Rentals
Houston County Lake is conveniently located between Houston and Dallas just outside of Crockett Texas. Vacation Country Rentals is comprised of four immaculate, year round vacation rental homes. Houston County Lake is a spring fed, 1330 acre lake that is great for swimming, boating and fishing.
City Style Apartments
City Style Apartments features some great vacation rentals in Tallinn Estonia.
Dream Bay Resort
Laid back resort in Key Largo FL with exceptional managers. Pet friendly!

Lodgix Designed Sites

Many times a new Lodgix client will require a new website but don't want to incur the expense or time required to research and contract with a designer. In those instances, Lodgix will step in and within 48 hours, we will launch a responsive, search engine friendly WordPress site that utilizes the Lodgix WordPress plugin to produce a very functional, easy to navigate site that gets the client up and running without any hassle or great expense.

Bent Palm Club Oceanfront Condominiums
Just north of Daytona Beach on the traffic free white sand of Ormond Beach lies the Bent Palm Club Ocean Front Condominium.
Madden Realtors
Jennifer has consistently received praise throughout her real estate career, most recently for providing her seacoast clients a one-stop real estate solution of assisting not only with sales but also with vacation rentals in the very popular summer destination of Rye and Rye Beach.
Moon Dance Vacation Homes
Vacation rentals in Nashville Indiana and throughout Brown County.
Pawley's Island Getaways
Our properties are all located in the beautiful Litchfield By the Sea beach and golf resort, part of Pawleys Island South Carolina. This location affords our guests easy access to all the sights and sounds of Myrtle Beach and Charleston, yet still offers that relaxed, secluded feeling.

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