New Feature – Bounced Email Log

We have just launched a dashboard widget to track bounced emails sent to guests. This identifies emails that were not delivered, providing the opportunity for alternate communication to the guest.

The Following Types of Emails are Tracked

  • Triggers sent to guests
  • Emails sent from the Communications Tab of the Guest Control Panel
  • Emails sent from the Invoice screen
  • Payment Request emails
  • Digital Signature Request emails

The Following Types of Emails are not Tracked

  • Inquiry responses
  • Triggers sent to Employees
  • Triggers sent to Owners
  • CC and BCC fields in any email

A full explanation of this feature and instructions for configuring this widget on the Lodgix dashboard can be found here: Lodgix Bounced Email Log

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New Trigger Condition Now Available to Automate Sending of Digital Signature Requests

Lodgix now integrates to a variety of different booking channels including Airbnb, HomeAway,, Expedia and TripAdvisor.  These channels have no mechanism to collect a signed digital signature on a rental agreement.  That creates a problem for property managers that require a signed rental agreement with every booking, regardless of where it originated.

Currently every invoice without a signed rental agreement would have to be use our manual digital signature process to request that the rental agreement be signed.

However today we launched a new trigger condition that will automagically detect invoices without a signed rental agreement and send out a preset signature request to the guest.  Here how it works:

In order to configure a trigger that requests a guest to sign a rental agreement for HOMEAWAY reservations only , please use the follow configuration:

Invoice Status “changed to” Unconfirmed
Rental Agreement “Equal To” Not Signed

Don’t apply the trigger to the following channels: EXPEDIA, BOOKINGCOM, AIRBNB, LODGIX

(We’ve added a new channel (LODGIX), so manual and online reservations made on Lodgix can be excluded from the trigger.)

The only reason you might want to exclude certain channels is if your rental agreement contains rate specific data in it, which could vary from channel to channel.  Or perhaps you have different rental agreements depending on the channel.   In an era where property managers are now expending to many different channels, we always advise to keep your rates, fees and rental agreements as simple as possible to assure that only one rental agreement is needed and can be easily used across all channels.

I recommend every one make use of this new feature to assure that signed rental agreements are in place for all reservations, regardless of channel.

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Digital Signatures Module – An Overview

Lodgix has partnered with to offer a completely integrated online, legally enforceable, document signing solution. Our integration is completely transparent. There are a couple of areas when a guest is signing a document where “powered by” is displayed, but other than that, your guests will never see RightSignature or be required to login to RightSignature to sign documents. The entire signing process has been completely integrated within

What are the key features, functions and benefits of the Digital Signatures Module?

  1. Legally Binding Electronic Signatures
  2. Unlimited document signing. No limits on how many documents can be signed.
  3. Option for guests to sign document during the booking process and / or request a signature manually.
  4. Optional email alerts for notifications when a guest has both viewed and signed the document / rental agreement.
  5. Once signed, a PDF copy of the signed document is automatically stored with the invoice and emailed to the guest
  6. Dashboard widgets contain icons for all invoices showing whether a rental agreement signature is present, pending or unsigned.
  7. Guest control panel shows whether rental agreement has been signed, pending or needs signature.
  8. Integrated signatures. Documents are signed within the browser. No downloads or plugins required.
  9. With this module, properties can now have unique rental agreements per property.

Legally Binding Electronic Signatures

Configuration Options

Dashboard Widgets Contain Agreement Signature Status Icons

Archived Copies of Signed Documents Stored with Invoices

Guest Control Panel Document Status Updates

Documents are Signed Within the Browser

Unique Rental Agreements per Property

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Great Progress on Digital Signatures This Week!

Spent most of the week tweaking and testing the new Digital Signatures Module that (fingers crossed) should finally be launched next week.  We overcame some User Interface and API obstacles this week and are well on our way to the last phase of testing.

Digital signatures will be an optional, additional monthly fee module.  Some subscribers don’t use contracts and even those who do, may not want to have them signed digitally.  Digital signatures are not free.  We have to buy the signatures and user accounts in bulk and leverage a third party platform (RightSignature) to issue the signing credentials to assure that the document and the signature are valid, legal documents.

Additionally we leverage RightSignature to provide the cross platform embedded signing technology that allows a guest to sign and submit the rental agreement online and on any browser or mobile platform.

Here are some additional screenshots to generate some excitement as we approach launch:


Screenshot showing how a subscriber would manually request a signature of a rental agreement.

Area of guest control panel showing whether the rental agreement was signed or not.  If signed, an onmouseover event displays who signed it and on what day and time.   If not signed, the icon will show as either pending or it will provide a link to open a  window to send a signature request.

Area of guest control panel showing whether the rental agreement was signed or not. If signed, an onmouseover event displays who signed it and on what day and time. If not signed, the icon will show as either pending or it will provide a link to open a window to send a signature request.

This screenshot shows the signed rental agreements stored in the documents tab for each invoice (hyperlinked to PDF of signed rental agreement).

This screenshot shows the signed rental agreements stored in the documents tab for each invoice (hyperlinked to PDF of signed rental agreement).



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Vacation rentals and digital signatures

When we evaluated, and eventually chose RightSignature as our digital signature solutions provider, we had several objectives in mind that had to be met.  After reviewing about 10 different firms, it became very apparent that for our needs, had a solution that met all the requirements.

Does it seal documents with a unique “fingerprint”?
Many programs, such as Microsoft Word, allow users to add an electronicsignature to a document. But as long as these documents can be altered without changing the signature, the document isn’t truly sealed. A secure digital signature solution seals documents with a tamperproof digital “fingerprint” unique to both the signer and the document; any changes whatsoever immediately—and visibly—invalidate the signature.

Can it support multiple applications across the organization?
Solutions for Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat® are common. But to facilitate movement through your workflows, your digital signature system must work with numerous applications, including popular office apps such as Microsoft Word, Excel®, PDF and AutoCAD®. In addition, the technology should support signatures in document management and workflow systems such as Microsoft SharePoint.

Will it let you see a graphical signature?
In electronic documents, the real security is provided by the underlying technology. But what we actually see is a visually convenient way of recognizing identification. Look for  igital signature solutions that allow you to apply and see a graphical representation of the traditional “wet” signature.

Can it record more than one signature?
Many of the most important documents, like contracts, require more than one signature. Yet some electronic systems have no means for accommodating more than one valid signature per document. The right solution allows more than one person to sign in more than one place while maintaining the validity of the document.

Does it comply with all legal requirements?

If the signature doesn’t stand up in court, it can’t meet your business standards. Your solution must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Authenticity: the signature is uniquely linked to the signer
  • Integrity: any tampering to the document can be detected
  • Enforceability: signatures must be verifiable by all parties
  • non-refutability: the signature cannot be denied or disavowed can it be verified anytime, anywhere, by anyone?

You’ve assigned your signature with your system. But will the receiving party be able to verify it without installing the same digital signature software? An effective solution allows recipients to see and verify unaltered signatures with the ordinary document software, such as Microsoft Word or Abobe Acrobat, they already have.

Is it simple to use?
A “wet” signature requires pen and paper—simple. But a digital signature system that insists on multi-step, wizard-like processes is anything but simple. The acid test? The right solution should take no more than 10 seconds or 1-2 mouse clicks to ensure that a document is signed, sealed and legally compliant.

Does it have a low total cost of ownership?
Look under the hood for hidden costs: complex software installations, additional staffing requirements, help desk demands, registration and/or renewal fees for digital certificates, and more. The digital signature solution you want should solve problems, not impose new costs.

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