Services Manager

This week we quietly launched a feature that will help property managers (or owners with many properties) to quickly add new service offerings to their properties.

Previously if you had a new offering you would have to add it manually to each property.  Granted we have a copy feature that would aid in the process, but it could still take a long time.   Now you can go to the Properties > Services Manager area of Logdix, create one service and apply it all or selected properties.

Likewise for any service offering added through the Service Manager interface you can remove those offerings as well.  This makes it possible to quickly add seasonal offerings and then remove them when the season has passed.



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Dashboard and Reporting Enhancements

A subscriber brought it to our attention that when a guest orders a service add-on that there really wasn’t a great, automated way of staying up-to-date on what each guest has ordered. To fix that we implemented a series of enhancements today:


1) There is a new services icon which will appear in each of the arrival widgets. Moving your mouse over the service will display the service(s) ordered. This is a nice check for whomever is checking guests in, but it doesn’t really solve how to alert the housekeeper that a service has been ordered. To that extend the arrivals and housekeeping report will now have a Services column which will itemize each service that has been added to the invoice for that property.

2) While working in the dashboard we re-implemented the color coding to show invoice status on the arrival and departure widgets. We also implemented the equivalent of a “show all” icon (look for the seeing eye) in the upper right, which when clicked will show all arrivals or departures.

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