Happy 2014! Recent Updates to Lodgix

Some recent enhancements to Lodgix:

  1. Added functionality to pull inquiries directly from HomeAway / VRBO using their API.
  2. Discontinued manual calendar sync using HomeAwayConnect (HAC) because HomeAway is discontinuing HAC on 1/31/2014.  Lodgix subscribers should integrate directly to HomeAway if they have 3 or more properties or for <2 properties use our new manual calendar sync that does not not require HAC.
  3. Quickbooks Online Sync has launched (more on this in the next post)
  4. Fees can now vary depending on the length of stay
  5. Triggers can now be utilized to send reminders, reports and mass emails to employees, owners and the primary subscriber.

Lots more coming!  Stay tuned!

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QuickBooks Online Integration…Update!

Some great progress made so far in our bid to offer the best vacation rental software quickbooks sync on the market today!  We’ve established the initial link to QuickBooks Online and are working through Intuit’s requirements (which are quite strict), that will allow our new sync app to get listed on the Intuit App Store:  http://appcenter.intuit.com/search/a-works%20with%20quickbooks%20online

Next step will be getting a few authentication tweaks worked out and then comes the hard part of actually moving data between qbooks and Lodgix and vice versa.   Fingers crossed!  No timeline yet as to product launch.


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Quickbooks Sync Update

Our most requested feature is a Quickbooks sync.  We’ve been promising this feature for over 18 months, but to date we’ve failed to implement it.  The reasons for this are many, but mostly it’s because Intuit (makers of Quickbooks) have encouraged new integrations to use a method which wasn’t quite baked.  As a result, they’ve changed their business model many times over the past several years which has cost many firms a lot of money as they’ve had to recode their sync applications multiple times.

I’ve wanted to avoid that and so each time we did the research, it seemed it was better to wait.

This time however we are ready to go as the integration specs seem to be somewhat stable and our own requirements much more clearly outlined.  We’ve spoken with at least six vendors and interviewed many others and we feel we have a real good idea on what needs to be done and how to do it.

The one issue we have come up against is that the integration cost varies significantly from vendor to vendor.  I haven’t really figured out why and no one has really been able to give me any great reasons why one vendor can charge $10,000 upfront with no future monthly residuals and another requires nothing upfront but $1,500 a month in monthly access fees?  I even found one enterprise vendor that wanted $30,000 a year!

To get a better handle on the challenges, costs and potential hit on the support side of things, we are going to develop a prototype internally using Intuit’s REST API and see how that works when attempting to import invoice, guest and payment information into quickbooks desktop and quickbooks online.

This process has already started and we remain committed to getting a Quickbooks sync feature out the door this fall.

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DeluxeCamp.com Has Gone Live with Lodgix.com

I am definitely remiss on posts about new customers! I promise to do better in 2011. :-)

DeluxeCamp looks like a great place, especially if you like to fish (and I do!) and you don’t mind the Ontario Canada cold!

DELUXE CAMP, where you will find fishing for Northerns, Bass or Pickerel, canoeing in backwaters with a hint of history or you can simply stretch the legs and feed the soul. We are open from the Victoria Day weekend to Thanksgiving, during which time we invite you for either a long planned family vacation, a couple of days get-away-from-the-city-with-the-friends escape, or, a strictly fishing trip. Whichever you choose it will be a northern experience you will always remember.

If it’s fishing you prefer, Lake Nipissing offers some of the most thrilling experiences in both spring and fall, for a wide variety of species including Muskie, Northern Pike, Bass, Walleye and yes, even Bluegill and the very popular Jumbo Yellow Perch.

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View more Lake Nipissing Ontario Vacation Rentals at VacationRentalDirect.com

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The Transition from InnFirst.com to Lodgix.com

Many potential customers will take a look through a company’s blog to get better familiar with the company and the product. I do this all the time. However, I also check the blog to see if there is any life in the company. If the staff is posting on a regular basis and the posts are informative and well written it tells me that their product is probably current and being maintained.

To that end, it’s important to note that Lodgix.com recently relaunched from InnFirst.com, so the history of this blog is relatively small. However the InnFirst.com blog has 24 months of posts that you can also review.

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