8 11, 2016

HomeAway / VRBO Property Importing is Almost Here!

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We are super excited to launch an exciting new feature which will allow Lodgix properties to be created from existing HomeAway / VRBO listings.

One of the first setup tasks required in Lodgix is the entering of inventory.   For many property managers, this is a time consuming task made even more frustrating because most of the data already exists on HomeAway.   Wouldn’t it be great to be able to simply pull listings from HomeAway / VRBO and have properties created on Lodgix?

That feature will be launched very soon.

The first step will be allowing Lodgix access to your HomeAway account:


Then a selection list will appear allowing to your choose all or individual properties to import:



The process should be slick and allow Lodgix accounts to be setup quickly and efficiently when establishing a new account.  This feature should launch by November 15th, 2016.   Thanks!

16 09, 2016

And the Winner is….

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Entries were shuffled…
…and put in a candy treat bowl…(I had no hat readily available and I love Halloween!)..img_0097 ..and a winner was chosen!img_0099

…lucky number 13??

Even as I write this post, I don’t know the actual name of the winner of the iPhone7.  I emailed the final list to my colleague and have not checked the list to see which account correlates to lucky number 13.

Let’s go see…


Jody Stelck of Surf City Rentals!!

is the winner of the new iPhone7!!   We will be in touch next week to make arrangements to get your new iPhone7 ordered!

Thanks to all who took the time to review Lodgix and thanks to all for being such great Lodgix customers!

16 09, 2016

iPhone 7 Giveaway is Today!

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Thanks to all of the 64 Lodgix subscribers who left us wonderful reviews over the past few weeks.  To celebrate such a great response, we’ve entered all 64 reviewers into a drawing for a new iPhone 7 (up to $600 value).

Rather than using a random number generator online, I am going to do it old school.  Each entrant has been assigned a number from 1 to 64 based upon the timestamp of your review.  I have written each number on a piece of paper:


All will be put into a hat and a number drawn at random.

Stay tuned, the drawing will be done in the next hour or so!!


12 09, 2016

New Online Booking Page Editor

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Your booking pages can now be customized via our Booking Page Editor to match the look and feel of your website, or to be more inline with your brand identity. This can be done under Settings > Booking Page Editor. The editor interface is very easy to use and requires no HTML or CSS knowledge.


You can now upload your own custom logo to display on the booking pages. There are also dozens of other customization options available, giving you the ability to set a custom color scheme, edit font styles, and control the placement of certain elements. We also included a booking page preview that updates in real time as you make your selections.


The page can be customized significantly in just a few minutes using only the options provided (as shown above.) However, you also have the option to customize the page beyond the options that are provided, using the built in Custom CSS field.

Complete documentation of the new Booking Page Editor can be found in our user manual here.

19 08, 2016

Online Booking Pages – Soft Launch

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Two weeks ago we soft launched our new online booking pages.  Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been adding back features, tweaking the layout, fixing bugs, etc.   The new design and code represent a massive step forward as the booking process is MUCH simpler, deploys a MUCH better user interface and works spectacular on all mobile devices. We are already seeing a 20-30% increase in online bookings since the new pages launched.

The booking page is a five step process:


The form alerts guests if any fields have been missed and also features some handy formatting components which make it super easy to enter phone numbers, credit card data, etc..

Step 4 of the current booking process displays your cancellation and deposit policies, as well as additional information about the damage protection products (if offered).    This will be replaced very soon by a mobile friendly version of your rental agreement.  Guests will easily be able to read and (for users of the digital signature module) sign the guest rental agreement BEFORE completing the booking.

In the current implementation the rental agreement is displayed after the booking is complete.  As mentioned above, soon the rental agreement will be moved within the the booking page itself.   The old digital signing process was not mobile friendly so we weren’t comfortable inserting it into the booking page.  The new process will be mobile friendly and should not impede the online booking in anyway.

Once the booking is complete, guests are taken to a post purchase page where the guest can view additional next steps instructions, as well as be given the (optional)  opportunity to purchase travel insurance.

2016-08-19_10-02-52The text at the top can be set within Lodgix at settings > online booking text.


And finally a guest invoice number is displayed,  as well as PM contact information and offer a print friendly icon for the guest to print the booking request for their records.

Customization Options

Within settings > online booking theme, within Lodgix,  there is a new box for the more advanced users to enter CSS to customize the look and feel of the page.  While this option offers much more flexibility than our previous booking pages, we will be rolling out more options in the coming weeks which will allow the use of company logos, the choice of several premade templates, etc..

The objective is to give the user the ability to match the look and feel of their booking pages to that of their website. Previously this was not possible.