Pay via PayPal Merge Tag Now Available for PayPal Users

For PayPal users, there is now a new Pay Via PayPal merge tag available within the trigger interface. This tag can be used to add a Pay Via PayPal link within your trigger emails which will allow guests to pay their remaining balances via PayPal.

Previously this was only a manual process only, available only within a guest invoice.



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HTML Coming Soon to Trigger Emails

A subscriber recently brought it to my attention that even though the email response templates allow HTML, when an email response is appended to a trigger email, the formatting is lost because the Trigger emails don’t have an editor. Not really sure how we overlooked that, but steps are being taken to correct that in the next few days.

Additionally all editors and merge tag formatting will be sync’d across the application to assure consistency. The end result will be a more configurable, consistent experience across the application.


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