No Payment Required Payment Method

In an effort to support areas that don’t have access to PayPal or Merchant Accounts, and also to support business models that rely on booking inquiries, we’ve implemented a payment method of “No Payment Required”.


I am not a huge fan of this, as it does allow a guest to make a reservation, and block others from booking those dates for the same unit, but for an on the ball wholesaler or property manager, it would allow them to collect bookings and then quickly get in touch with the guest to outline other payment possibilities.

The subscriber has the ability to enter some text that will be displayed to the guest at the time of booking. Something like, “No payment is required to make this booking request. While your dates will be reserved, within 24 hours a representative will be in contact to provide further instructions via phone or email on how to property pay for this reservation.”

Hope this helps those that have requested this feature.

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