HomeAway Import Now Supports Reservations and Reviews


Setting up new properties in Lodgix has never been easier – at least for HomeAway customers.  Last year we coded the ability for a property manager to import inventory setup on HomeAway  / VRBO into Lodgix.

This feature can save a bunch of time, as the alternative would be to manually copy and paste all marketing and amenity data into Lodgix – FOR EVERY PROPERTY.  Yuck.   No one cares to do that.  Initially, the HomeAway import was limited to property data only.   Not any more.

Today Lodgix can also import all existing HomeAway reservations and reviews into Lodgix.   Most property managers wish to integrate to HomeAway.   Integrating to HomeAway wipes out all property and reservation data on HomeAway and overwrites that data with data from Lodgix.  Thus before the integration can begin, all property data must be present on Lodgix so it can be sync’d back to HomeAway to update and / or  create listings.

Reservation data needs to either be imported into Lodgix via ical and then turned into a reservation (old way) or better yet, imported into Lodgix from HomeAway (new way).   Once all HomeAway reservations are present in Lodgix,   the integration to HomeAway can be done and then all listings on HomeAway will be sync’d with Lodgix and all future reservations taken on HomeAway will be pushed into Lodgix.   Reservations taken on Lodgix (or other channels) will sync with HomeAway and block those dates on the HomeAway calendar.

Additionally, Lodgix can now import your existing HomeAway / VRBO reviews, which will make populating your existing wordpress site, super easy.

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HomeAway / VRBO Property Importing is Almost Here!

We are super excited to launch an exciting new feature which will allow Lodgix properties to be created from existing HomeAway / VRBO listings.

One of the first setup tasks required in Lodgix is the entering of inventory.   For many property managers, this is a time consuming task made even more frustrating because most of the data already exists on HomeAway.   Wouldn’t it be great to be able to simply pull listings from HomeAway / VRBO and have properties created on Lodgix?

That feature will be launched very soon.

The first step will be allowing Lodgix access to your HomeAway account:


Then a selection list will appear allowing to your choose all or individual properties to import:



The process should be slick and allow Lodgix accounts to be setup quickly and efficiently when establishing a new account.  This feature should launch by November 15th, 2016.   Thanks!

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Great News! HomeAway / VRBO is Rolling Out iCal Importing!

Great news!  As of June 2015, HomeAway is rolling out iCal importing, which means those of you with 4 properties or less can once again sync your calendars with HomeAway / VRBO!

If you have 5 properties or more then we recommend using the HomeAway Feed as you have the added benefit of listing sync, and connection to the BookItNow platform in addition to calendar sync.

iCal Importing with HomeAway

Here is the support article at HomeAway with instructions on how to define an iCal import URL within HomeAway.  Note in the support article below, HomeAway notes that not all listings have access to this new feature yet.

Location of the Lodgix iCal Export URL

Cut and paste the provide iCal export URL for each property into your corresponding HomeAway listing.

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Calendar Sync for HomeAway & VRBO & VacationRentals.com

Until HomeAway supports iCal importing, calendar synchronization is only available to those with 5 or more properties through the use of the HomeAway Feed.


There is talk of an iCal import being introduced in early 2015 by HomeAway.  If that happens, calendar syncing will return for those with <5 properties!

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The Concept

Lodgix.com wants to be more than just a management and online booking platform, we want to help you market your property(s) as well. We can do this by distributing your property and / or room data to other vacation rental marketing sites that will in turn generate inquiries for your rentals.

Do you REALLY want to put all of your eggs in the HomeAway / VRBO.com basket?


For many vacation rental owners sites the HomeAway network is a necessary component of their marketing plans. That’s fine, they do deliver results and they are the premier vacation rental listing network in the world. However, there needs to be a viable alternative to the HomeAway network. It’s never a good thing to have a monopoly and outside of a few up and comers like FlipKey, etc. there really aren’t any head to head competitors out there anymore.

HomeAway has taken in over $500 million dollars in venture capital. At some point these investors will want out of their investment via a HomeAway IPO. When this occurs HomeAway will look at ALL ways to drive up their revenues. They are very cognizant that many property owners derive the majority of their business from their listings on HomeAway. Many property owners generate hundreds of inquiries per year, not including the 50 or more phone inquiries they might get – all for $400-$600 per year. This model simply will not last. HomeAway will move to a per inquiry pricing model, and inquiries generally price between $8 and $10 per inquiry, with phone inquiries being even higher. For many property owners this will raise their annual listing fees to $1000 – $3000 and they will be forced to pay it, because there are no alternatives that will generate similar results.

The Lodgix.com Solution to the HomeAway Problem


Most property owners do not list their properties on more than 1 or 2 listing sites because of the time required to add and maintain multiple listings on multiple websites. Keeping rates, images and marketing text up to date is a pain, and it’s hard to determine the ROI from advertising on smaller vacation rental listing networks.

Our solution is to put all of your property data (images, marketing text, amenities, rates, availability, etc.) into an XML feed and then distribute that feed to as many free third party listing sites as we can. The math is simple. A HomeAway might generate 100 inquiries per year, and a 2nd tier site like VacationrRentalDirect.com might generate 10 inquiries per year. Therefore if we distribute your property to 10 sites that generate 10 inquiries per year, that would equal the 100 inquiries that you might normally generate from the HomeAway network.

The end result is that the property owner / manager gets a great alternative source of leads and mitigates their dependence on the HomeAway network in the event that HomeAway decides to change their revenue model and charge you more (much more) each year for your listing.

How do I access my property listings on other third party sites?


Go to Settings –> Marketing Partners and then click on Review Offers

Activating or Pausing Your Listings


For each of our third party marketing partners you will see links to both the primary website as well as links to your listing pages on the partner site. If you wish to pause / activate your listing, just click on the "pause" link and your listing will be removed from XML feed, and thus removed from the third part site within 12 hours.


Our initial marketing partner is VacationRentalDirect.com. A listing on the VacationRentalDirect.com site normally is $99.00 per year. However, since we also own VacationRentalDirect.com, we cut a deal with ourselves and are offering all Lodgix.com customer FREE listings for as long as you use the system. In order to qualify for the FREE annual listing each property must meet the minimum listing requirements, which are:

-minimum of four images
-google map address
-marketing text completed

Once those requirements are met, your property listing will appear on VacationRentalDirect.com within 24 hours. Of course you have the option of "pausing" the distribution of your listing(s) at any time. Any changes made to your listing on Lodgix.com are automatically updated on our partner sites within 24 hours. Availability data is updated immediately.

As time progresses we hope to add a slew of free listing sites as marketing partners. Sites like:

Google Base
Google Local
Vacation Rental Connection

And from there we will solicit special deals from other paid listing sites to push your property data into their systems.

Connectivity with the HomeAway Network

If and when the HomeAway network publishes an API we will gladly connect Lodgix to their platforms to allow for seamless updating of your listings and calendars on their websites.

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